Transport management

Delight your customer with their delivery experience


Delivery: the most crucial and sensitive part of the logistics process

Last mile delivery is crucial in your customer’s experience, often being the only physical point of contact with the client. In this way we can consider delivery management to be a different job altogether. That’s why GemmaLog manages delivery for you. Our teams manage transport solutions from upstream to downstream delivery, using:
• A range of solutions adapted to different markets, products, processes and geographical areas
• A Transport Management System with advanced options
• Close operational relationship with carriers, essential to manage peak times of the year

Expédition logistique La Poste
gestion logistique et transport

Why should you let us manage your transport solutions


Logistics providers amass volumes from different clients in order to provide you with competitive rates. We advise you on the best solution to choose according to a range of criteria so that you can find the best balance between price and quality of service.

International parcels for overseas destinations?

Not a problem. Our teams handle all the customs documents and processes to make sure that your parcels can be delivered to overseas customers.

Discover all GemmaLog services

solution logistique-e-commerce

The outsourced e-commerce fulfilment solution that allows you to keep down your costs, help you grow your business and concentrate on selling your products.

logistique e commerce

GemmaLog manages the specific processes linked to BtoB and retail logistics in order to deliver retail outlets, central hubs or even other logistics hubs such as market places.


Kitting, assembly and other added value services are also offered onsite, enabling you to centralise everything.