Agile logistics

GemmaLog  is the 100% e-commerce dedicated fulfilment solution by ASAR, 3PL and social enterprise whose main mission is to integrate disabled workers into the workplace.

GemmaLog helps online and offline retailers implement end to end logistics and delivery solutions by outsourcing their operations.

Located outside of Angers (between Paris and Nantes), the GemmaLog fulfilment centre is totally dedicated to e-commerce.

In a world where the customer is becoming increasingly demanding, our teams understand that quick reactions, flexibility and an ability to find solutions, are the main values in our business. Seamless logistics operations make customers want to return to a website”

GemmaLog offers services to pure player retailers, brands or traditional retailers who sell through marketplaces or their own websites.


The e-commerce fulfilment solution made by ASAR EA


ASAR EA was founded by Eric FROGER in 2003 in order to find durable solutions to help integrate disabled adults into the workplace. Nowadays ASAR is a recognised 3PL who offers a range of services for e-commerce, retail, BtoB operations, industrial subcontracting. Furthermore ASAR manufactures and markets innovative products for the logistics and security sectors.

ASAR’s main business divisions are structured around four core areas, which all have the overall objective of helping disabled workers into an “ordinary” workplace:

• Logistics
• E-commerce fulfilment
• Subcontracting
• Innovative products