E-commerce fulfilment solutions adapted to leisure and cultural products

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GemmaLog manages the entire e-commerce logistics chain for leisure and cultural products. Arts and crafts, sports, games and toys, books etc, we offer solutions to manage large quantities of SKUs with storage solutions which are adapted to optimise costs while ensuring that as many items as possible are available in stock.

solution logistique e commerce loisirs

Products dropshipped after the order has been placed?

No problem. Thanks to the Warehouse Management System, GemmaLog links a newly delivered item with an item that is already in stock in order to optimise costs and send the order to the customer in one parcel.

A tailor-made for exceptional products

For products requiring special attention, we implement specific packing processes: quality check for scratches, packing in tissue paper and luxury outer packaging to protect the product during shipment.

Orders can also be personalised with gift wrap, gift cards and other personal touches.

Discover all the GemmaLog services

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GemmaLog looks after the whole e-fulfilment process from inbound goods to returns management.

logistique e commerce

Our team manages the specific processes linked to BtoB and retail logistics in order to deliver retail outlets, central hubs or even other logistics hubs such as market places.


GemmaLog manages shipping solutions for BtoC, BtoB and retail. We help our clients build a transport management plan which reflects the expectations on the market.


Kitting, assembly and other added value services are also offered onsite, enabling you to centralise everything.