GemmaLog your e-commerce fulfilment partner

GemmaLog is the e-commerce fulfilment solution of the ASAR Group, a social enterprise whose mission is to find work opportunities for adults with a disability.
GemmaLog offers services for online retailers, brands and other retailers to outsource their opertations. Located close to Angers, Loire Valley (between Paris and Nantes), GemmaLog has a fulfilment site which is fully dedicated to e-commerce operations.

Company history

ASAR EA was created by Eric Froger in 2003 as a for-profit social enterprise whose mission is to create work opportunities in an « ordinary » environment, for adults with a disability. Today, ASAR is a well-recognised 3PL, offering logistics, e-commerce logistics, and industrial subcontracting services for many industrial sectors. ASAR also develops and manufactures innovative products for the logistics and security sectors.

Proud of the company’s social and human values, GemmaLog offers a flexible solution which allows you to manage your logistics and delivery budget.

As an e-commerce fulfilment specialist, GemmaLog’s main client values are quick responses and finding solutions. All clients are in direct contact with the person who is directly responsible for their operations.

Logistics specialists

With a broad experience in B2C logistics, GemmaLog offers solutions to help online retailers grow their business.

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Tax relief

For companies registered in France and with 20 employees or more, you are required to comply with the 11th February 2015 law regarding the employment of disabled workers. By outsourcing to GemmaLog, you will comply with this legal obligation and be partly exonerated of your Agefigh tax.

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We think in terms of human riches and not human resources ”

_ Eric Froger, CEO, ASAR

The advantages of working with GemmaLog

If you are looking for a 3PL partner who really understands the needs of an online retailer, you have found the right partner!

We know that logistics is never a totally problem-free zone, but anticipating and offering solutions are the traits of a true logistics partner who will be there to help you through peak periods and calmer periods of preparation.

A customer driven, responsive team who fully understand the day to day problems of an online retailer.

Our strengths:

• Flexibility, and above all agility
• Solid experience in e-commerce logistics
• Added value service
• A partner with truly human values

Company values

ASAR is family-run company with a company mission that contributes to social cohesion.
The GemmaLog division and mother company ASAR Entreprise Adaptée, are founded on strong social and human values.

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solution logistique-e-commerce

GemmaLog looks after the whole e-fulfilment process from inbound goods to returns management.

logistique e commerce

GemmaLog manages the specific processes linked to BtoB and retail logistics in order to deliver retail outlets, central hubs or even other logistics hubs such as market places.


GemmaLog teams manage shipping solutions for BtoC, BtoB and retail. We help our clients build a transport management plan which reflects the expectations on the market.


Kitting, assembly and other added value services are also offered onsite, enabling you to centralise everything.