Outsource your BtoB and retail logistics operations to GemmaLog

A business or retail customer has very different needs and expectations. No customer is the same and each client solution is personalised according to the specifics of the client’s client or distributor.

We adapt the outsourced solution according to your flows :
• Stock transfers
• Restocking a point of sale or retail outlet
• Transfer to a centralised hub

In addition to logistics services, we are also able to manage end of collections, liquidation and other specific services such as industrial subcontracting. Contact us for more details or questions about outsourcing your logistics.

plateforme logistique e commerce

A professional service to manage retail and business orders

Our Warehouse Management System allows to manage your stock with a high level of precision. According to the specifics of your products and your distributors, we manage different storage rules such as FIFO, FEFO, lots numbers and we handle fragile products with particular attention.

Order preparation with the specifics of retail distribution

Each client is different and often the delivery has to be prepared according to a precise specification file which our teams are used to managing:
• Label printing
• Breakup and reconstitution of cartons or pallets
• Stickering or destickering price labels
• Packaging
• Delivery upon appointment

We also offer industrial subcontracting services in our workshops which allows you to centralise the assembly of component parts, quality control or even kitting, in one location.
→ Read our client case study of subcontracting of cosmetics products.

Case study

Discover our client case study: subcontracting for cosmetics products

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solution logistique-e-commerce

The outsourced e-commerce fulfilment solution that allows you to keep down your costs, help you grow your business and concentrate on selling your products.


GemmaLog manages shipping solutions for BtoC, BtoB and retail. We help our clients build a transport management plan which reflects the expectations on the market.


Kitting, assembly and other added value services are also offered onsite, enabling you to centralise everything.